Fillings are used to treat or repair damage caused by tooth decay or misuse. The most common use of fillings is for the treatment of cavities, which commonly occur when foods high in carbohydrates remain on your teeth for extended periods of time. The bacteria produced by food left on your teeth creates acid, damaging your teeth quicker than they can naturally be restored. This acid creates a hole, also known as a cavity. Fillings protect the tooth and are used to stop the decay from progressing.



Once a cavity starts to form, it can affect one or two areas of the tooth: the outer layer (also known as enamel) and the inner layer (also known as the dentin). When this occurs, the decay and cavity are assessed, the teeth are cleaned, the decay is removed, and fillings are used to “fill” and supplement the removed portion of the tooth, offering protection and restoration to the tooth. Preventative oral maintenance is recommended for this reason. With proper brushing and flossing techniques in place, cavities are minimized and fillings are less common, preserving the natural health and wholeness of the teeth, gums and mouth.

Most cavities do not require extensive dental work. However, common cavity treatment requires numbing the affected area of the mouth with a local anesthetic, and using drill, air abrasion or laser instruments to remove the decay and open the cavity. Once the cavity is open, the dentist completes a further assessment and prepares the tooth for filling by ensuring all the decay is removed and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly of debris and bacteria. Once the tooth is prepared, the filling is inserted, shaped and polished to match the original tooth.

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Our fillings are composed of a resin material. Some of the advantages of this material includes durability, aesthetics, strength, color, bonding reliability, and price. More recently patients have chosen to maximize the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by utilizing natural-looking materials such as porcelains and composites which can be colored to match original teeth. These materials also set quicker and do not change (expand or shrink) according to temperature like some amalgam metal alternatives do.

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