Dentures are used to fully or partially replace missing teeth and tissue. If dentures are used to replace all of one’s missing teeth, these are considered full dentures. However, if there are still natural teeth present, partial dentures can be fabricated to rest on a metal framework and allow the use of those existing teeth. Dentures help our patients regain natural chewing ability as well as preserve muscle and bone structures in the face. Though dentures are not the only restorative care option for replacing missing teeth, they are the most cost-effective and do not require surgery, as alternatives (such as dental implants and veneers) do.



Dental implants and veneers are a great alternative to dentures for some, but not all. Rather than using adhesives to adhere the dentures to the gums, dental implants require the insertion of titanium posts into the jaw bone to anchor the denture. Though this procedure has its benefits, it requires greater healing time and is more costly. Dentures, on the other hand, have remained a viable solution to tooth loss for decades, offering an affordable and comfortable solution to missing teeth.

Dentures are custom fabricated, which means they take time to be manufactured. The initial step requires jaw impressions to be made. Measurements and observations are taken to determine how your jaws work with, and relate to, one another. During the second step, wax and plastic molds are created from the impressions taken, teeth are added, and the molds are tested in the patient’s mouth in order to assess the fit, color and formation. Once a proper fit is formed, the final step is the development of the denture! Because swelling of the gums tends to subside, and the shape of the gums and bones change over the course of time, dentures are adjusted periodically in order to accommodate for these changes.

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Dentures are typically fashioned using a combination of acrylic resin (also known as PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate resin), flexible polymers (such as nylon) and porcelain. Porcelain, though closest in aesthetics to actual teeth, has a tendency to fracture and break easily. More often, acrylic resin is being used in its place, offering both great aesthetics and reliability. Acrylic resin and polymers are also more cost-effective. However, as with everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to any material used to make dentures.

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